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Q: What are the system requirements for the KTS 50 app?

A: The KTS 50 app works on iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS4.3 or above.

Q: Can the app run in landscape mode?

A: The current version of the app can only run in portrait mode.

Q: The app crashes / The screen goes blank when I run / resume it. What can I do?

A: The app contains lots of media which consumes a lot of memory. Try closing other apps and rerun the app.

Q: Why I cannot listen to the school song?

A: Check the volume setting of your iPhone / iPod Touch. You can adjust the volume by pressing the volume up and down buttons on the left side of the device.

Q: How can I control the volume of the school song?

A: You can use the built-in volume control on the side of the iPhone / iPod Touch to adjust the volume of the app.

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An app developed to celebrate

the Golden Jubilee of KTS!



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